Jack of all trades, master of none… in the development world. In any world really!

When I first started my developer journey I was under the impression that I needed to know a million thing’s to be a true master developer. Over the years of trying out various technologies, looking at those “What to learn this year” YouTube videos, and my time at a coding bootcamp, I have realized, that is definitely not the case. So today I am here to tell any newcomers who are beginning their developer journey to keep calm and carry on learning, but you don’t have to learn a million things!

When I first started learning how to code, I began learning HTML, CSS and with a little bit of JavaScript of course. I quickly picked up HTML and CSS but I didn’t dive too deep with JavaScript, which was bad on my part. Instead of actually trying to learn and master JavaScript, I basically skipped over it and tried learning other things. I started learning Python as it was something that was “HOT” and “COOL”, and with Python I did manage to learn a bit more than what I did with JavaScript, but definitely not at a master level. And since I was learning Python, I seen the frameworks Flask and Django being thrown around with Python. So there I go, trying to learn Flask, didn’t master it, and trying to learn Django, which I didn’t master either. Now I don’t really know what it was, if it was my age (teens), mentality, maybe both, but I was trying to learn so many thing’s instead of trying to stick to a few and really getting them down and mastering them. Shortly after joining a coding bootcamp (Flatiron School), I started to think about things differently. Now of course we did learn a multitude of things, in terms of building full stack web applications, but we stuck to those set of technologies and really tried to get them down and drilled into our heads. I started to realize that I was understanding more advanced concepts about the technologies I was using and at the same time those understandings were transferable! But by really sticking to one or two technologies I was able to write better code, build better habits and overall just have a better understanding that lead to better built web applications overtime.

At the end of the day, don’t feel like you need to learn a million things, this can quickly get overwhelming and even discouraging. If you’re in web development, stick to the basics, HTML, CSS and JavaScript, really try to master those and then move on to things like React or web frameworks like Next.js. This type of mentality can really be applied to any field, hobby or practice, master the basics, keep advancing and continue learning at your pace. Which leads me to another point, don’t rush on learning anything! Don’t feel like you have to get on the newest hottest thing or feel like you are missing out if you are not learning a specific technology.

So hopefully I shed some light to newcomers and relieved you of any discouragement or overwhelming feelings. Hope you like the short but sweet read and have a good one!