Dealing with Imposter Syndrome as a Software Engineer.

In this ever evolving world of tech and software development, we have all at least once in our developer journey had Imposter Syndrome. And let me tell ya, it ain’t a pretty feeling, it really brings you down and makes you ask, “What is the meaning of li… this new web framework released 0.2 seconds ago?”. But in all seriousness, Imposter Syndrome is a real thing that many people encounter, even outside of the Software Engineering world. And at times, this turns away people starting out, they see the countless of libraries, frameworks and languages out there and don’t know where to begin or feel like they wont be able to keep up. In addition, the Software Engineering world is definitely not a walk in the park, and i’m not saying it’s extremely difficult, but it for sure has it’s challenges and this can sometimes be discouraging or cause a bit of “imposterness” as well. So the question is, what can you do to properly deal with Imposter Syndrome?

1. Realize that it’s a part of the process

The top developers working in places like Google or Facebook, maybe even Mark Zuckerberg himself has had Imposter Syndrome! And its something that really I don’t think anyone can escape, its a part of human nature, insecurities that every human being deals with. Once you realize its a part of the process, you can take advantage of it by using it as a type of fuel. This fuel you can use to better yourself in any way you please. Instead of letting it bring you down, use it as a motivator, be inspired and reach higher levels in your learning journey. Now this doesn’t mean to learn a hundred different thing’s, this can simply mean having a better / deeper understanding of a technology you already know.

2. Remind yourself of your accomplishments

During a time of negative thought, you have to look at the good you have already done. When you look at your accomplishments, you immediately see that you do belong and that you are very much capable. You can also take it as inspiration, by looking at the things you have accomplished you can go the extra mile the next time around. You can even build on top of what you have already completed, maybe add a new feature that adds to your tool belt of skills.

3. Stop comparing yourself to others

Have you ever just looked at someone else’s resume or seen their set of skills and began to feel sorta bad because they have way more skills than you do? And then you begin to bring yourself down and feel like you are never going to be at that skill level or you just outright feel like you’re doing something wrong. You need to stop doing this! You have to realize that every person is different, every person learns differently, approaches things differently, etc. You need to focus on yourself and only yourself, stop worrying about the person who is proficient at 4 different programming languages but master at none. Start worrying about how you can make yourself better, get that self-growth mindset drilled into your head. Be a better YOU, today, than what you were yesterday.

In the end, start loving yourself and your insecurities, stop believing you are not worthy or capable. Trust me, you are very much capable, and you DO belong in this ever evolving world of tech and software development. You don’t have to learn every tech stack, library, framework out there. Take what you already know, and become a master at it, become the best YOU, you can be.

That’s all I have for you today, hope you liked the short read and have a good one! 😄