In the last part of Getting started with Apollo Server and GraphQL we went through setting up a super simple Apollo server that had a basic schema and resolvers set up with hardcoded mock data. In this blog we will go over how to turn that mock data into data that’s coming from a database! Behold, the super awesome document-based mongoDB database!

Before getting started make sure you have an account with mongoDB. Once you have that set up, let’s go ahead and create a cluster!

Let’s go ahead with the free tier 😉

In this blog I’ll be going over setting up a super simple Apollo Server, first by setting up your type definitions and resolvers, enabling you to do queries and mutations. Before getting started, please make sure you have the latest version of node and npm installed.

First things first, lets create some directory in which we will be working in. Inside your terminal, cd into some working directory and create a new folder:

mkdir apollo-server-qs

Make sure to cd into apollo-server-qs folder and run the following command:

npm init -y

Let’s also quickly create a couple of files in the…

In a most recent project, I was tasked to build The Shoppies as part of Shopifys frontend intern challenge. This web application allowed users to search for movies using the OMDb API and nominate up to 5 movies of their choice. Once the user nominated 5 movies, a banner is presented to the user, stating they are all finished. This was a very simple web application, but while building it I learned a few cool little tricks that made particular parts of the web app more efficient!

1. Persisting data using local storage

I wrote a blog about this particular technique here. But basically, when a…

In this ever evolving world of tech and software development, we have all at least once in our developer journey had Imposter Syndrome. And let me tell ya, it ain’t a pretty feeling, it really brings you down and makes you ask, “What is the meaning of li… this new web framework released 0.2 seconds ago?”. But in all seriousness, Imposter Syndrome is a real thing that many people encounter, even outside of the Software Engineering world. And at times, this turns away people starting out, they see the countless of libraries, frameworks and languages out there and don’t know…

When I first started my developer journey I was under the impression that I needed to know a million thing’s to be a true master developer. Over the years of trying out various technologies, looking at those “What to learn this year” YouTube videos, and my time at a coding bootcamp, I have realized, that is definitely not the case. So today I am here to tell any newcomers who are beginning their developer journey to keep calm and carry on learning, but you don’t have to learn a million things!

When I first started learning how to code, I…

In a recent front-end project, I was tasked to build a web app that allows a user to search and nominate movies and be presented with a banner once the user has nominated 5 movies. We also had the option to persist those user-nominated movies in local storage. The reason for local storage and not in a database is because this was strictly a front-end only web application. Today I’ll be going over how I was able to achieve this. …

Today I will show you one of the many ways you can host your super amazing React application on Netlify! No more of that stinking localhost:3000 mumbo jumbo, we moving on to LIVE!

Before you get started, make sure you have an account with Netlify! NOT NETFLIX, I know… confused me the first time around.

Using the Netlify CLI

For demonstration purposes, I used create-react-app to quickly create this amazing application:

I quickly wanted to share how you can animate SVGs to make a more visually pleasing landing page. Or visually pleasing anything really! I mean come on, it look’s pretty dang cool!

Also, I need to quickly mention where I personally learned this from and instead of reading this blog you can go straight to the video. So big shoutout to DesignCourse on YouTube!

Let’s get started!

Anytime you create an SVG in illustrator or whatever software you use and you add it to your project, the html code of the SVG looks somewhat like this:

<svg xmlns=""> <g> <path d="blah blah blah"/>…

Image from

So you finally made it, after 3–6 months of hard, excruciating, unbearable, blood, sweat and tears put into project after project, you graduate from your coding bootcamp. Ok maybe not that extreme but I gotta tell ya, it wasn't easy! And the question is, what now? Does the learning stop? How do I stay motivated? Milk first or cereal first? Now some of those questions will probably never truly be answered but I can tell you one thing for sure, the learning doesn’t stop and the grind continues!

Like many other coding bootcamp graduates, myself included, you begin your job…

You see it time and time again, anytime when you search something up you get that little spinning wheel.

Julio Chazari

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